The places that will remain in your heart and soul

In the territory of the Municipality of Avola (a charming town in the province of Syracuse) there is a corner of earthly paradise, a naturalistic (historical and archaeological) heritage of
immeasurable value: the Oriented Natural Reserve “Cava Grande del fiume Cassibile”. A valley, almost a canyon, where even the most secularized, visiting the reserve
natural they regain the taste to contemplate the wonders of nature: flora (plane tree, willow, oleander, ivy, fern, etc.), fauna (dragonflies, colorful butterflies, swirl, fox,
blackcap, cuckoo, kestrel, etc.), geomorphological aspects (giant potholes, erosion showers, beautiful lakes, “marie”) and archaeological (Byzantine village, necropolis of the
Cassibile, “cave of the brigands”).

There are numerous paths that allow access to the reserve, thus allowing the visit of any point of the valley, from “Manghisi” to the mouth of the river. And there is something for
all tastes: for lovers of carefree walks in the shade of a grove and for those who love harder and more demanding trekking, for lovers of the valley floor and for
those of the panorama upstream, for lovers of naturalistic aspects and for those of archeology.