The places that will remain in your heart and soul

Calamosche beach is located in a small bay which is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and an enchanting sea. Calamosche rises in a protected natural reserve, between wild and uncontaminated nature. It is a small golden sandy beach in a stretch of coast with caves, ravines and natural cavities carved into the stone. The bottoms are low and sandy, host a varied marine fauna and are ideal for snorkelling.
The beach is called by the locals with the name of “Funni Musca” and is a real corner of paradise, a dream place that in 2005 was also awarded the title of “Most beautiful beach in Italy” by the Guide Blue of Lega Ambiente. To reach it you will have to walk on foot for a long stretch but the sacrifice is amply rewarded by the splendor of the sea, which in this area takes on a thousand graduations ranging from emerald green to intense blue, and from the panorama around which offers scenarios of indefinable charm. Every year more and more tourists and swimmers choose to walk the paths of the reserve and to admire closely its many hidden treasures, including this splendid beach where you can spend a few hours with your family and friends and enjoy the sun and of the sea in absolute tranquility.